10 Gifts to Give Away In a Jar This Season of Sharing

Christmas is the season of love and sharing and you can give away your love in the form of small gifts and these gifts can be given in mason jars as a token of love, “love in jar”. There are various gifts you can give away in mason jars and some of the most interesting gifts are listed below.

mini golf date

source: 504main

Apron made just for your love:                                                      

Sew an apron and gently wrap it and place it within the jar and tie the lid with a ribbon and tag mentioning your love and the name of the person and you can give it away to your mom, granny, aunt, sister, or mom in law.

apron in a jar

source: evermine

Cupcake mix:

This is a cupcake mix that is neatly layered in a jar, with flour occupying the bottom layer, then the granulated ones like sugar powder, choco chips, nut, and other toppings. This is a symbolic representation of how sweet the person is and you can mention it in the tag that they are as sweet as the cupcake.

brownie cupcake mix

source: call-me-cupcake

To those who love to draw:

To your artistic friend who loves to draw you can gift a jar a colors which will be very unique as a gift. This can be given not only to someone who loves to draw but also as a message saying “ let’s make our life colorful, like this jar of colors”.

color pens in a jar

source: thegunnysack

Detox bath to your loved one:

Give away a jar of detox bath to your loved ones as they can soak themselves in relief and enjoy themselves in relaxing bath for nearly half an hour and hydrate themselves and enjoy.

detox bath contents

source : mycrazyblessedlife

Creative jar:

This is a creative jar full of craft stuff like scissors, pencils, colors, sketches, glues, erasers, etc. this can be given to young ones as they can enjoy making their own craft with this creative jar.

kids jar

source: unexpecteddelegance

Gift to the young girls:

Young girls always love pampering themselves with nail care and nail art and you can dump in all the nail care essentials in the jar and give it away to the young girls and beautiful ladies to make them feel happy.

nailcare kit

source: goodhousekeeping

Flavored corn in a jar:

This is a sugar flavored corn in a jar that can be given to your cousins and friends, where they can pop it and relish eating at home.

popcorn in a jar

source: cookingwithmykid

Scrub in a jar:

You can purchase a large bottle of cinnamon flavored scrub and fill small jars with it and tie the lid with cinnamon and give it away.

scented scrub

source: tidymom

Tissue jar:

Pierce a hole in the lid and fill the jar with the tissue roll and give it away as a simple cost effective gift and you can customize the jar in beautiful designs to make it look beautiful.

tissue holder


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