Birthday Take Away Gifts for Kids

Gifts are one of the most interesting and exciting things for all of us and for kids it is even more enlightening. You can give away little things that can be of use to them or they can cherish them or grab it home as a snack. These unique and cute ideas will cost you less and make the party even more interesting with these lovely gifts.

beach theme mason jars

Bubble bath sundae:

Take a milkshake glass and fill the glass with sachet or small bottle of bubble bath and top it with a loofah and add a straw to it. It will look cute like a milkshake which really isn’t one but where kids can carry it home.

bubble bath sundae

Theater theme gifts:

If you are conducting a theater theme party then arrange popcorn cones with popcorn packets in it along with some candies where they can carry it home and pop it and enjoy. Who wouldn’t love popcorn? You can add different flavored popcorn packets in the cones too.

candy and popcorn

Cool take away packet:

This is a cool take away packet where you can fill a bag with sunglasses, candy bar, cool drink bottle, maybe some wafers and some sun tan lotion and tie it together.

cool take away

Creative gift jar:

This is creative gift jar where you can fill a mason jar with craft items like colors, scissors, glue, etc or another of filling them with craft clay and some beads where they can make their own jewellery.

creative jar

Sweet cupcake Mason jar:

This is a sweet delight where you can fill the Mason jar with some flavored cupcakes and top it with the similar fruit and place it on the table as a take away gift and kids will just love the yummy creamy cupcakes.

cupcakes in mason jar

Box of nail file and lotion:

If it’s going to be all girls’ party then you can gift the girls with a nail file and a nail lotion or maybe nail polishes, and some clips too.

nail file and lotion

Notepad and crayons:

This is one of the other useful gift s you can give away to the young ones. Small note pad with crayons will be creative and helpful in doodling.

notepad and crayon

Rhymes CD wrapped as candy:

You can wrap rhymes CD as candy and give away to the young ones as this will be very effective in helping them learn rhymes and will stay as a memorable gift too.

rhymes cd

Sand dig with candies:

Fill in sand dig with candies and wrap them neatly and let the kids carry each one home as they can dig home the joy of coming.

sand dig gift wrap


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