Bring The Holiday Spirit With Christmas Home Décor Ideas

Christmas isn’t just about decorating the Christmas tree and the wreath outside the door, but its much more than that. You can adorn your home with beautiful Christmas home décor ideas and bring on the spirit of holidays and winter to your home and make it bright and joyful.

mason jar decor

Red berries in white pitcher:

Place a white pitcher with red berries in it and you can place it as a centerpiece, as table décor, on shelves, on by the windowsill to make it look beautiful. the white snow filled winter will look very apt with this décor idea.

bed berries in pitcher

Change the cushion covers:

Change the cushion covers in the living room and make it look bright and decorative with just the look of it. You can make use of covers like red, white, combination of red and white, printed designs like santa, hats, reindeer, or wordings like love, joy etc.

change the cushion covers

Door décor idea:

Decorate the door with wreath like usual or go for something different like DIY objects like CD décor that will make a unique door décor idea. This is covered with paint and other stickers that will make it look beautiful and you can add ribbons, bells and Christmas balls to it.

door decor idea

There is also another way to decorate the door where you can just paint the wooden block with wordings and add other decorative items like bells and balls similarly and lean it against the wall or door in the entry way.

door decor

Exterior décor idea:

Just don’t leave the exterior black with just the star hanging, but rather you can add various decorative items and this is one of the ideas where you can attach an empty frame to the wall and add Christmas balls, bells and other items that you use to decorate the tree to decorate this empty frame.

exterior decor

Fire mantle décor idea:

Winter and fire mantle and two things that go hand in hand and you can never forget to decorate this place where you can make use of stockings, flags, wordings, swags or votives to decorate the fire mantle.

fire mantle decor

Stair railing decorated with swag:

Decorate the stair railing with swag and fairy lights to lighten up the place and to make the room look bright and beautiful.

leaves swag

Window décor idea:

Decorate the windowsill by hanging beautiful little gifts hanging to represent the season of joy and gifts,

window decor

Also you can stick the entire glass panel with paper cut outs like snow flakes and snow man to represent winter.

snow flakes decor

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