Cost Effective Gifts to Give This Christmas

Christmas is the season of love and sharing and you can give various simple and useful gifts that your friends and relatives will actually want to receive. Instead of wrapping them in big gift boxes and tying with ribbons and making it look attractive you can make your gift more attractive. Some of cheap and easy ideas are listed below.



Baking gloves and utensil kit:

You can gift the person who loves t bake a lot a baking kit that is neatly arranged within the gloves and tie a ribbon around the gloves and make it look attractive. You can also gift them a jar of cookies along with it or a mason jar filled with cookie mix in it.

6-kitchen-gift source:pinterest

Reindeer beer case:

Boys will definitely be fond of this Rudolph reindeer beer case where it is very simple to make and all you need is just a pipe cleaner and some wiggly eyes to make the reindeer.



Camera strap cover:

If you are fond of sewing then you can make this unique designer camera strap cover and gift it to your cousins and friends and they will love to take something different than the usual black strap.


Printed mugs:

You can print your own mugs and all you need is some permanent marker and write some lovely wordings and bake it in the oven and the mug is ready to be gifted.



Hot cocoa cones:

In addition to the mugs you can also gift them with small cones filled with hot cocoa, sweet puffs and semi sweet Chocó chips that they can mix in the mug and drink. Wouldn’t this make a great gift that they will love? This will be something unique and you can make it even in the last minute.



Homemade jam in a jar:

Who wouldn’t love home-made food? You can prepare some home made jam and fill it in the mason jar and give it away as a gift on the Christmas and this will cost you less and is a healthy option too.


Oven mittens:

You can get some oven mittens and give an extra touch to it by making use of colored and printed fabric from your home and sew it to the mittens. This will look unique and your friends will love it.

oven mitten


Wrapped pringle cans:

Make use of old pringle cans by neatly wrapping them in gift wrappers and fill them with cookies and wrap it with ribbons and give away as a gift.

pringle cans


DIY kitchen towels:

This is a hand sewed kitchen towel that is made pretty and unique which was plain simple white, and all you need is some u fabric and you should know to sew.


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