Ideas To Make It Look Unique – Wedding Group Photos

Photographs are one the best things that last longer in a wedding and they are a precious treasure to be saved for a lifetime. These frozen memories go a long way even for generations and create lovely moments and bring back the joy of the time and recollects the memories by looking at the pictures. For this very single reason, you should hire a good photographer who will capture best moments, in the best possible way. There are various candid photographers who take contemporary style pictures and bring out the best in your wedding. Its not just about the couple, but its about the entire gang of friends and cousins who made the event special, who deserve a special place in the album.

This is a beautiful picture idea where you can give a collage view of the best men and bridesmaids in an array of arrangement, both ways where feminine seated and posing styles, and men walking in a line.

arrray of beauties and men

Look at this picture, where it will make you laugh after years and bring that love gushing back, where your friends are just pulling you apart from that first loving kiss. This is something to be remembered and along with the fun moment captured.

brides maid and men

How lovely does this picture look? Where all the couples in the family are beautifully displayed in a single picture and if you aren’t particularly interested in the parasol you can eliminate that idea.

couples together

Here is the whole family welcoming you and if you want your kids to know who is who in the future, well they have a signboard with their name in it holding to them too! Isn’t that creative and cute too?

entire family pic

This is a classic family photo under a tree with a vintage sofa place under the sun and you can make use of that to make the elderly seated or the young newly married seated. This beautiful view of the family picture is something to be treasured.

family photo

Every woman is obsessed of their hairdo and high heels, aren’t they? You can even capture this in your photo by clicking a beautiful back view of your bridesmaids and theirs lovely clothing attire to last the memory of their longer.

hair style view

Let your guests and cousins and everyone who view the album know how you became friends with your bridesmaids; let your girls hold a signboard telling where you both met. This will be very creative and cute way to say cheers to your relationship.

how you knew each other

This is another beautiful view where the couple isn’t actually present in the picture but actually their mirror image is captured beautifully.

image in mirror


Picture in a frame where all blend together as a family and you both after wedding can hold a frame and both your cousins can come into it as one big family.

one as family

This is a photo is the playground where you can stick collages of your childhood pictures if you all were childhood besties and still the friendship goes on between the gang.

photo in playground

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