Interesting and Non Traditional Wedding Send off Ideas

Wedding send off is one of the pleasant and fun events that mark the end of the wedding ceremony in a joyous manner where the couple is sent off by throwing lovely and interesting things during their send off. Instead of making use of traditional lavender, flower petals, balloons, lanterns you can think of lot of other interesting ideas to make your wedding send off remarkable one.

yarn balls

Autumn leaves in different colors:

Make use of different color dried autumn leaves to throw during send off, especially when your wedding is during fall season. This is one of the most cost effective ways and will look very lovely and colorful too.

autumn leaves

Beach balls as send off prop:

Have a bucket full of beach balls that are light weight, colorful and handy. You can handover each of your guests with a ball where they can throw at the couple during beach themed weddings. This will look bright and colorful and also suit the theme of the wedding.

beach balls

Bird seed to attract love birds:

Have trays stacked with cones and some buckets filled with bird seeds where your guests can collect them in the cones and throw them at the couple as this will attract love birds and sparrows. This will make a beautiful sight.


Butterfly release:

How about this unique and interesting idea where you can have butterflies in cages and release them during their send off and it will look cheery and fluttering with joy.

butterfly release

Confetti in poppers:

You can make use of poppers and confetti that will make the place look colorful and bright. This is one of the ways to make the place look colorful as you can make use of more colors in the confetti.

colorful confetti

Herbs as send off elements:

Place small plates with herbs in it and you can name them and your guests can pick their favorite herb and throw the lovely fragrance on their guests.


Paper planes:

Making paper planes during childhood days was so much fun for all of us and we could make these paper planes and fly them during send off to make the place fun filled.

paper fans

Pom pom balls:

Place small bags with pom pom balls that are soft and fluffy and they will make soft touch when in contact with the skin.

pom pom

Yellow flowers:

Yellow flowers are bright and you can throw whole small flowers on the couple instead of the petals. This will spread good fragrance and look beautiful.

tossing flowers



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