Wedding Décor With Mason Jars

Wedding décor ideas gives you an array of choices and some of the easiest diy décor ideas include mason jars that are easily available at home and can be implemented at ease without any hassle or difficulty. These mason jars are handy and you can use them for various purposes and they make a very cute décor and will adorn your wedding day.

votive centerpiece

Array of table runner pieces:

You can lay a fabric table runner and place various size glass mason jars with votives in it and few jars filled with fresh flowers like these glass jars are running over all across the table. They will look beautiful and is one of the cost effective ways to decorate the wedding table centerpieces.

array of table runner pieces

Clustered LED mason jars:

For outdoor weddings you can make use of this idea where you can join few jars together like a cluster and fill them up with LED lights. They will look very pretty especially during late evenings suspended from tree branches, and in tents.

clustered LED mason jars

Glitter jar décor:

Look at this amazing flower vase where you can make use of any mason jar to create a glittering vase and all you need is some glue, glitter powder of desired color and mason jar. Just apply glue over the jar and dust the glitter powder over the jar and let it dry completely before use.

glitter jar decor

Hanging vase adorning the aisle:

This is a beautiful idea where you can make use of shepherd’s hooks and mason jars to decorate the aisle. Just tie a rope around the neck of the jar and fill it with water and some fresh flowers and hang them to the hooks.

hanging vase

Mason jar drink cups:

This is a sippy cup idea where you can make use of mason jar as drink glasses for your guests and paint a patch in black where they can write names or you can stick names on the glass and give it to them while they can use the same glass for the whole day.

mason jar cup

Mason jar hanging vases:

This is an indoor décor idea where you can adorn the interiors of the wedding by hanging mason jars to the wooden beams with ropes by tying two jars at both ends for support and it will look beautiful.

mason jar hanging vases

Photo centerpieces:

Make use of mason jars to display photos as centerpieces on your wedding day as it will look unique and adorable. You can showcase the best memories to your guests.

photo centerpieces

Table number idea:

Just like a flower vase you can fill the Mason jar with fresh flowers and add a stick holding the table numbers and pop it from the mason jar. This will make a great centerpiece and serve dual purpose.

table number display

Tree décor idea:

Decorate the trees with mason jars as they are inexpensive and you can use as many as you want. Fetch as many jar from your kitchen and adorn the trees with votives, flowers, photos, pom pom or faux flowers in them.

tree decor

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