10 Tips How to Hide Electrical Cords

When it comes to decorating your home, seeing those electrical cords is such an eyesore. Also, they are always get tangled as a result you are confused as to which cable is the right one for your device. Here are 10 easy ways to hide your electrical cords.

Dressing Up Your Cord


Dressing up your cord is a good idea. By rolling a colorful tape around, it will transform your cords into something nice to look at. These colorful tapes can transform the dullest cord. For how to check out designlovefest.com

Use Jute Twine

use jute twine

If you prefer a more natural look, you can roll and glue jute twine around the cord to transform a former eyesore into a nice accent. For step by step instructions on how to do this you can visit The Vow.

Use Fabric to Hide Your Cord

use fabric to cover cord

If you prefer a traditional feel it is best to use a strip of fabric to hide a cord. Find an attractive fabric and measure and cut the length that you need. With a few stitches you can create a fancy cord ruffle. For tutorial check out bystephanielynn.com.

Create a Unique Design Using Your Cords


Make long cords visually appealing. You can use attractive clip ons to orgainze your cords. You can either attached it in your wall by creating a unique design using the cords or you can just clip them all together. You can also choose wire that will complement the color of your wall. So, if you have a blue wall then choose ball cord.

Retractable Power Cable

use retractable cord

Using a retractable power cable is more convenient as compared to using the traditional extension cord. A built in wall extension cord is ideal for both outdoor and indoor projects. Having a built-in wall retractable power cable offers an innovative design in organizing home cables. This retractable power cable is recommended by lushome.om

Hang it on the Basket

hang in the basket

If you need a larger storage capability, get a wire basket and four teacup hooks. Place the hooks under the desk or table and hang the wire basket to create a secret storage space for a single outlet strip.

Drawer Charging Station

drawer charging station

If you want to charge your devices near your bed, the best thing that you can do is make a charging station. You can use a table with a drawer. Create a hole in the back for the power strip cord. Now you can charge your devices in the drawer. You will not see those cords tangling on the floors or somewhere because they are all tucked away safely inside the drawer.

Charging Station in a Box

A decorated shoebox turned into a portable electronic device cord keeper.

You can use a shoe box or any medium sized box with cover. Create holes on the side depending on the number of devices you usually charge or plug. Then on the other side create a hole for the power strip cord. In each hole, extend enough cord outside the box for each of your device. (Learn how to do this at countryliving.com)

Show off Your Art Skills

For longer cords, you can make a creative design on the wall using the cords. There are lots of easy-to-do design online that you can follow. People will be impressed when they see what you have done with your cords. (You can check out other wall cord design at homedit.com)

Use Colorful Cord Management Straps

Colorful cord management straps will not cost you that much. The price usually ranges fro $9 to $35. It is a simple and an easy way to organize your cords. Simply strap the wires together and tape them on the edges of your desk. Use colorful tape to make it look good.

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