DIY Easy-to-do Back Chair Runners

During holidays people are busy decorating their house. Some may focus on their curtains. Others might do some repainting, but one of the simplest things that you can do to enhance the look of your house particularly the dining area is to use back chair runners. These DIY easy to do back chair runners can transform your dining area into something special.

Lace Back Chair Runner

One of the easiest to do and less expensive and most rewarding DIY back chair cover is the one that is made of lace. This lace back chair cover is gorgeous and anyone can make it. You can use lace back cover during special events like wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, thanksgiving and others. If you want to know more about this back chair cover, check out

Burlap Back Chair Runner



rusty chair runners

This back chair cover is very easy to make. Purchase burlap from local feed store. Normally these stores sell burlap by foot and are quite wide. You can cut this burlap depending on the size of your chair. To make it more attractive you can add something at the bottom part of the burlap. Visit to learn more about it.

Rustic Back Chair Runner Design

jute twine back chair runners 2

jute twine back chair runners 1

If you want natural elements with neutral brown color motif for your rustic holiday party, this woven back chair cover will do the trick. You can complete your rustic design by using woven table mats to complement the chairs cover, a driftwood wreath, mason jars and burlap ribbon. You can tie a checkered brown napkin tied into a bow with jute twine and attached to wide burlap ribbon then hang on chair backs. Source:

Turquoise Accent

Decorating your dining room with turquoise accent can add color in your room. For dining area with neutral color, adding color is easy. The addition of back chair cover with turquoise accent can change the look of the room instantly. To add some contrast in your room you can add boxwood globes. Source:

Checkered Back Chair Runner

checkered back chair runner

During holidays, don’t forget to dress up your dining chairs. Use checkered fabric with attractive color to transform your plain dining chairs into something festive and fabulous. This will definitely complete your holiday designs. Check out

No Sew Back Chair Runners

If you are decorating for fall, black and white stripes back chair covers can warm things up. It is best to choose the horizontal stripe since it is classic and you can use it anytime of the year. And you can actually do this without making a single stitch. For instruction on how to make this no sew back chair runners visit

Stylish Chair Cover

lovely chair runners

If you want your dining chair a fresh look, you don’t have to cover the entire chair. You can make a back cover by simply using two squares of fabric and then use fusible web to stick the fabric shape. Then you can finish it with coordinating binding tape to stick the edges using fusible web. Sources:

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