DIY: Garage Organizing Tips

Even though garages don’t get a spread on our favorite magazines (except if it’s about Formula 1, I suppose), it doesn’t mean we can neglect that space either. Though it may be a big task, once you set your mind to cleaning up your garage, you’ll thank yourself for it. To make things a little easier, we’ve rounded up the best tips to help you DIY yourself to victory, with these amazing garage organizing tips. Let’s take a look at these easy garage organizing diy ideas, shall we?

1. Wall Baskets


There’s nothing an insanely convenient and space efficient wall basket can’t fix. Have a bad boy or two propped against your wall, and never have junk lying around the garage floor ever again.

2. Chalk board labels


Not only is writing in chalk super cute, it’s convenient too! Eliminate having to open a ton of cabinets and peeking through shelves for hours with this simple storage trick. Now you know where the Philips Screw driver or those LED lights are kept.

3. Majestic Magnets

magic-magnetics modern

For all those smaller bits, such as teeny tiny screws and the like, having a magnet is perfect for cleaning up, and keeping them all tidied up in one clean line. Convenient and simple, what’s not to love about this great garage and tool box cleaning hack?

4. Hook ’em


For a really interesting and cool DIY idea, turn some of those spare wrenches into hooks! Have them bent and screw them on like so. They’ll be the coolest hooks in town, perfect for hanging up those dirty work clothes, ropes, and any other tools you’d want to be kept just around the corner.

5. Keep cans around


Keeping tin cans, as well as plastic bottles and the like, are perfect for keeping those small knick knacks and tiny screws from getting lost or in the way. You’ll finally be able to organize those nuts and bolts!

6. Some pegboards, please


You can learn a thing or two from  theinspiredroom, such as using handy-dandy pegboards for your organizing needs. Heck, these guys are so stylish too! Hook those items as you please, fellas.

7. Have some buckets around, too


Wow! Did you ever stop to think buckets could be this cute? And efficient, none the less. Taking the labeling tip again, have your buckets labeled with the items you’ve stored them with, and have them stacked in a nice steel shelve. Tada!

8. Bungee cords


Here’s a great tip for all those athletic people with a lot of toys and balls lying round: use bungee cords to keep them in check and to prevent anyone from tripping on them.

9. Hang those helmets up


Hanging your helmets up like so will be an easy reminder for everyone to strap on their safety gear. Plus, hooking them back in place has never been easier!

10. Recycling station


Go green! Not only will you be helping the universe, but you’ll also be keeping your garage clutter free! Good luck, and have fun!

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