How To Style A Vanity Stool

Whether in the bedroom, or found in the bathroom, one thing stays certain: the vanity and the vanity stool is the perfect addition to any home that brings the entire space together beautifully. With its undeniable elegance and regal feel, it’s no wonder that  small makeup vanities and the like are so popular. For great style tips on how you can work with vanity stools for yourself, take a look at what we’ve whipped up just for you:


Bathroom vanities have vanity stools that fit perfectly underneath the unit, great for keeping it out of the way and from getting wet in the bathroom.


More often than not, vanity stools are modeled after the vanity’s design, which is almost always amazing, so we aren’t complaining. But a great color scheme could do wonders too, and when dealing with other materials you’d want to integrate around the room, a great choice would be  acrylic furniture, as it’s incredibly chic and versatile.


Some stools don’t necessarily have to be small, so long as they fit underneath the storage unit. Some women actualy prefer a little height to their vanity stools.


Allow your vanity stool to coordinate with other elements in the room.


Or, let it shine like the superstar that it was always meant to be and give it its own identity with equally matching accents and detailing.


An absolute favorite in the line-up, this darling vanity is everything you could possibly dream it to be. With its creamy color and white faux-fur vanity stool, it’s perfect!


The addition of a vanity unit is the perfect way to breathe some life into your space with a beautiful pop of color. Be it muted, vibrant, neutral, or wood, the possibilities are endless. Even the simple notion of fixing in a  mirror with lights can transform your entire space.


You can have your vanity stool compliment or match other elements within your room, such as a chair or ottoman.


Vanities have always had such regal flare and feminine qualities related to it that it’s quite impossible to remove the element of “fancy” from it. So go ahead and work that fancy vanity stool in there! So long as it goes well with your room’s decor, all should be well.

Vanity Stool Make-over


Not entirely happy with the vanity stool you have at the moment? Have no fear, the DIY tutorial is here! Simply take the stool you want to design, and with a spray paint bottle in the color of your choice (we prefer neutral, creamy colors for this one), spray paint the legs. Once you’re through with that step, taking some faux white fur, wrap or attach it around the seat area of your stool. We hope you enjoyed this article! Good luck, and have fun! Photo and step by step tutorial courtesy of  lessthanperfectlifeofbliss.

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