Top 10 Tips For Styling A Cozy Reading Nook

They say that a person who has never read, has never traveled. But a person who does find solace in a book, has the ability to live a million lives, and travel to the most magical of pages, all with the flip of a page. Whether it’s a romance novel, or a thriller, you deserve to be able to read your favorite story in the comfort of your own home, in the coziest of nooks. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered up the top 10 tips for styling a cozy reading nook, in the hopes that you can have a go at it yourself to get the reading nook of your dreams. Come take a look:


What’s better than smelling some freshly brewed peppermint tea whilst reading your favorite book? Nothing. Nothing, I tell you. You’re in paradise.

1. A dedicated space

dedicated-space-for reading

It’s important you conceptualize where you want to have your nook at. Whether it’s in the corner of your living room, near the kitchen, in your bedroom, or by a gorgeous  window seat, you’ll want the nook to be as intimate and inviting as possible. Take a cue from  Style Files to see how it’s done.

2. A chair

comfy-chair reading nook


Every reading nook requires seating! And you deserve nothing short of the best. You’ll want something that you wouldn’t mind lounging about it during your spare time. Heck, if your seating feels like heaven on your bum you might stay in all day! The best companion to a great book is an equally great chair or couch, so invest in one. Got this bad boy from  Modern Parents Messy Kids.

3. Book storage


You are going to thank us for this one. having your book shelf or storage right in your alley is perfect for those fast readers who leaf through those stories like their lives depended on them, or those picker readers who like to switch books often depending on their mood.  Having a book storage within your space makes for maximum convenience. via Design Milk

4. Table Space

side-table chic

Giving yourself a little side table in your reading nook will allow you to set down that cup of hot tea or coffee with ease. Thank you for this important tip,  Love Grows Wild.

5. Lighting


But of course! You and every one on this planet  need light to read. Choosing the darkest space in your home isn’t the best idea, unless you plan on adding a light fixture, but airy spaces with natural lighting always works best. ewe recommend you choose your space near windows for daytime reading. Your lamp can be perfect for when night time rolls in.

6. Put your feet up


Lean back and say “this is the life” with a grand sigh, as you put up your tired feet in the most stylish cushioned pouf or ottoman. Stylish, comfortable, and ever so necessary! via  Emily Henderson

7. Add pillows and throws

pillows-and-throws addition

Everybody knows that pillows, throws, and blankets are the superstars of comfort. And if you didn’t it’s high time you added them to your nook to complete the entire setting, and read in complete and utter comfort.  Your reading chair never felt better. via My Paradissi

8. Add some plants

add-plants greenery

Pretty plants, pretty please! Spruce up your reading haven with some much needed relaxation-inducing plants! Courtesy of  Fabric Paper Glue

9. Personal touches

personal-touches interior

Kimberly Genevieve schools us in the art of imparting personal touches in your space in order to add more personality and charm.

10. Love your space

love-it nook

Love the heck out of that reading nook, because you earned it! Good luck, and have fun!  We pulled a page out of Apartment Therapy‘s book.


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