15 Interesting Ideas For Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are the perfect pieces to bring to entire living room together, serving as a focal point that’s funcational, tasteful, and understated. For those of you who love that cup of joe and enjoy having a nice, interesting table to set your cup aside in, we have just the thing to get you itching to drive to the nearest IKEA for a cool take on the classic table. Unique and eccentric, here are 15 of the best pieces we know you’ll love. Come take a look!


When it comes to modern day living rooms, a simple and clean design is all you need to bring the entire look together. for instance, this table with its glass table top and wheels go wonderfully well with the bright, airy modern feel of the room. The wheels add a sense of versatility, practical for all the moving around it’s going to be doing.


The eclectic interior design of this posh and modern living room is every non-conformist’s dream come true. The coffee table is front and center, featuring a modern sculptural design that’s clever as it is functional. For a more interesting, eye catching piece, we suggest you snag a coffee table that boasts the same ingenuity as this one to get your guests stirring. Look, it’s even great for storage!


Monochrome knows best. A nice, solid color scheme has never failed anyone before, and it certainly won’t now. This living is perfect, the shades in harmony, and the coffee table a nice, neutral wood color and texture, with steel legs. Perfect for integrating into any room.


Wood is the perfect choice for bringing in warmth, richness, and strength into the mix. Don’t limit your style options by classifying wood as only suitable for vintage, old, rustic design motifs, because they’re very versatile and play exceptionally well with other designs and themes so long as you know how to integrate them properly. For instance, to turn it from rustic into elegant, opt for some polished wood in a lighter shade. For something a little more dark and romantic that’s yearning for a little more edge, go for a nicely tinted dark wood that’s almost black, that has been polished and painted nicely. Wooden furniture offers endless possibilities, and with some organic lines and a simple concept, it’s all you need for a beautiful coffee table.


Nothing’s quite as charming as a coffee table on wheels! For that absolutely vintage feel, you can have the nice trolly-like table adorned with white linen, lace, doileys and the like to give it that feminine feel.


Re-purposed material and antique tables and a rustic charm to things, especially with all the patterns and texture. Intricate detailing makes everything all the more interesting. You can add a flourish of fresh blooms to start things right.


White paneled walls + simple lines + re-purposed furnishings= cozy, fool-proof, modern elegance. Keeping things clean and simple is the way to go.


A modern design interior calls for a modern coffee table. When it comes to channeling modern chic, a clean and polished look with crisp lines is the way to do it. She polished wood, as well as the color, matches the shelving far back.


Have your focal point stand out and make your guests go wow. Impress with a polished design that doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant or up n your face. Opt for a simple, tasteful design and you’re good to go.


A common misconception for coffee tables is that it always has to conform to its stereotypical shape, which shouldn’t be the case, Explore and be adventurous with different styles and colors, such as this white, low, rectangular table.


The more, the merrier! It may be uncommon, but it isn’t a style faux-pass in the least. Having a couple more coffee tables allow you to experiment with different tastes, and provide a fun space full of modern style and cozy seating.


An interesting touch would be glass table tops which showcase a cleaver design from underneath.  It draws attention, serving as a wonderful focal point while still fulfilling its function. Now THAT’S a coffee table.


Heck, even the shape of the coffee table can be its best feature. Just look at this one! It’s sort of looks like a hollow chocolate bar cube, doesn’t it?


Large, open spaces often call for larger coffee tables. To switch things up a little, go for having several small coffee tables instead, in a similar design. It’ll look chic and fresh whilst filling in the room nice.


Lastly, glass coffee tables never fail to look great and interesting wherever you choose to have it in. Elegant, simple, and modern. That sums up 15 of the best ideas, so we hope you enjoyed! Good luck and have fun!

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