DIY Backyard Garden Decor Ideas

It is always an interesting task to decorate the garden with variety of plants but its even more interesting to adorn it with other elements to make it look unique, and all the garden lovers will agree with me! This blog is all about the simple things you can do to make your backyard lawn or garden in the backyard look interesting and unique and more enjoyable to look at and a fun place to be than to just make it a place with just trees and plants. The ideas listed below are cost effective and simple that you can do it on your own at home and it will even entertain kids to help you during summer as they get to enjoy their fun in their backyard of their home.

Coat planters with glow in the dark paint:
You can coat the planters with glow in the dark paint and they will look beautiful in the dark as they will glow and make the entire place glowing in the dark and will look unique unlike other dark and dull gardens, and it will be fun and interesting to do it too. You can also paint the stones with similar paint like bugs or simple paint them and leave along the pathway to make it look glowing and beautiful.

coat planters with glow in dark paint

source: buzzfeed

Spray paint orb with looking glass mirror like paint:
You can spray paint orb of different sizes with looking glass mirror like paint to make the garden look beautiful and these added beauty will look like garden charms that are added in the garden space. They will reflect sunlight and make the place like shimmering and beautiful in light.

mirror like paint

spray paint orb with looking galss mirror like paint

source: buzzfeed

Mirror on the fence:
This is another fantastic idea to add mirror on the fence where you can simply nail the mirror to the fence of the garden and they will look really nice and different, and will make the small gardens appear bigger and will radiate sunlight and reflect all the beautiful things in your garden. you can place the mirror in front of beautiful flower beds or a fountain or something attractive to make it look highlighted.

mirror on fence

source: buzzfeed

Mount a garden umbrella:
Simply make use of a colorful parasol and mount it in a corner or in any place you think it will look attractive and you can place some chairs beneath it and it will look beautiful. These kind of umbrellas will not only provide shade but will also add glamour, color and attraction to the garden.

mount a garden umbrella

source: buzzfeed

Mount chalkboard to the fence:
You can mount a chalkboard to the fence where your little one can unleash their creativity and have a fun time scribbling in the backyard as they enjoy while you water the plants and have some free time. Doesn’t kids love to scribble and draw pictures on the board?

mount chalk board to fence

source: buzzfeed

Swing in the garden:
You can add various kind of DIY swings in the garden which are easy to make and they will add so much fun and attraction in the garden especially to the kids and this is a old skate board swing where all you need to do is just pierce two holes in the sides and hang it to the tree branch with ropes.

old skate board swing

source: buzzfeed

Look at this traditional pallet roped swing that looks enjoyable to this kid as he swings in joy, you can also add cushion to the pallet and make it more comfortable.

pallet swing

source: buzzfeed

This is an old chair that is upcycled as a swing and used in the backyard garden.

turn old chair into swing

source: buzzfeed

Paint stones :
You can simply paint the stones with colorful paint and place them near the plants or in heaps near the cement benches of tree trunks and they will look attractive, and beautiful.

paint stones in gardenpaint stones in gardens

source: buzzfeed

Tie ropes between trees:
Tie ropes between trees like obstacle crossing and kids will love this fun activity in the backyard and will enjoy with their friends as they cross this obstacle with time limits.

tie ropes between trees

source: buzzfeed

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