Hotel Inspired Bedrooms: Getting the Five Star Treatment

Would you want your house to look like a five star hotel? If the answer is yes, then this is the right article that you should be reading right now. We will try to give you some tips on how you can turn your house into a place of sanctuary for all hotel lovers just like yourself. So, if I were you I will read on to learn more.

Initially, you should always use a white backdrop if you would want your room to be like that of a hotel’s. Most of the luxury hotels use white as their backdrop in terms of color scheme because it would be easy to add or subtract any other colors from the design if necessary.


Source: flickr

Always try to have snacks available in your room. Hotels regularly have food baskets for the guests. So if you really want to have a hotel ambience in your home, having a food basket in your bedroom can do the trick.



Source: theallison

If you want, you can also install a mini bar in your bedroom. If you’re having the house renovated anyway, why don’t you include a mini bar in the house redesign plans. You will certainly not regret your decision to do so.


Source: dailyhomedecorideas

On the other hand, in terms of design and function you can make your bedroom look like a hotel suite by adding some culturally inclined patterns and color schemes in your bedroom design. It will that only stand out as uniquely your own for sure.



Source: lankwaifonghotel

In this next picture, you can see oriental color schemes at play. It certainly gives more character to the room for sure. Why don’t you try this in your own bedroom or any other part of the house?


Source: lankwaifonghotel

You can also include some of your favorite perfumes and display them on your bedroom vanity dresser. It will certainly invoke the feeling of a great hotel room design for sure.


Source: departures

You can also add a seating area in your bedroom or family room so that your visitors can have a place to relax in while chatting with you. You will certainly not regret doing this for sure.


Source: notey

 If you want a nostalgic feel for your hotel inspired bedroom, why don’t you get antique furnishings and place them inside? For example, you can get this old phone model from one of the antique shops in your neighborhood and add it to your display in the bedroom. It will certainly be one of the best decision said you will have made for your bedroom design in the future.


Source: lovers1041

In addition to this, you also have to invest on comfortable sheets and curtains for your bedroom. This way, you will certainly be able to invoke the feeling of the five star hotel stay every night all year long.


Source: whotelsthestore

Hopefully, you will get some inspiration from these pictures and use them accordingly to create your very own hotel inspired bedroom as soon as possible.

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