How To Integrate Unique And Modern Victorian Style Furniture Into Your Home


The gorgeous, classic Victorian style dates back to the reign of its name’s sake and inspiration Queen Victoria, throughout the 19th and for the most part of the 20th century. Heavily sought after and a staple from the British culture, this rich interior design genre is composed greatly of feminine details, the most intricate of lines, and beautiful curved shapes. Subdued, rich tones, as well as gilded ornate pieces all come together to produce drop-dead gorgeous  living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms- what have you! Classic Victorian furniture effortlessly transform your space into a work of art, rich in color, style, design, and atmosphere. To get the most bang for your buck, and for some style inspiration, have a look through our selection of tips and types of furniture you can achieve the best look from. Enjoy!

1. Tufts and Stuff

bold beautiful victorian bed


This glorious King-sized bed is all sorts of fancy and luxurious. Nothing screams Victorian better than stuffed and tufted anything. Alongside its dark color, victorian-style bed frame and metal work, and the iconic beading between each tuft, this bed looks like it came right out of the 19th century, only more modern. Check this out on  fab.

2. A Modern take



For a tasteful contemporary look, creamy whites and shades of beige and eggshell do a Victorian style room justice. The meticulous detailing of the wood work, coupled by some accent chairs and the rich wood makes for a perfect, feminine, soft style. Visit molapro for more.

3. Dainty bedside looks



Isn’t this just the sweetest thing? You could get lost in all that fluff. Beautiful, crisp whites, neutral colors, and the quintessential bedside chest is all you need to channel sweet, soft, Victorian style at its finest. We snagged this room from  moderncountrystyle.

4. Black and white addition



ninainterior believes in the timeless combination of Black and White, and you should too. This look will never fail to lend charm and elegance within your space. A victorian-inspired love seat is just the thing for that modern, chic feel.

5. Cranberry corner love



volatilephoto knows a thing or two about great home interior, and to boast has this gorgeous deep-cranberry colored furniture that’s a star in its own right. Guests will be fighting over who gets to sit on this one for sure.

6. Neutral bedroom foundation 



The neutral tones + bed table + hanging mirror = the stuff of dreams. The rich charcoal color and the victorian accents make this the best bedroom ever.  imagine-living knows how it’s done.

7. Golden Bare Bones



The brass steel work of this bed has been dressed in gold, befitting of royalty. The fine lines and classic design is enough for a royal nap. Found this one on  site.

8. Re-imagined Styled Sofa

gorgeous couch style


Introducing great pops of color and fun patters into the mix is a great way to have a modern twist on things.

9. Hot Pink Chaise



This tufted chaise in this beautiful electric color is the perfect way to add some fun into the mix. Bright, cheery, and eclectic  style at its finest.

10. Small Tufted Additions



A gorgeous shade like mustard on a tufted ottoman? Yes, please!

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