How To Make A Cross Stitch Leather Catchall

Never lose those car keys ever again! What better way to store all your must-haves such as your keys and phone and lipstick that in a stylish leather catchall! Yes, you can make it. No, it won’t cost you an arm or a leg! Who couldn’t use a cute little alternative for storing your essentials in? From being a great way to keep your entire area nice and clutter free, to being just the thing for all those business cards and knick knacks, this project is the perfect project! A leather hide in a vibrant pop of color? Perfect. Let’s get started on this DIY, shall we?


For the materials, you’ll need:

    • a good amount of leather
    • a cutting mat ( this step’s optional)
    • straight edge with measure
    • rotary cutter (also optional)
    • a pair of sewing scissors
    • some embroidery thread
    • heavy duty hand sewing needle
    • a paint brush
    • acrylic paint in your desired pop of color



1. Begin by spreading out your leather and taking the measurements for a square. In the diagram below you’ll see that we used a 12 by 12 measurement for the catchall we’re going to make. Ideally, anything from 6 to 12 inches will produce a decent sized catchall. Don’t stop there, if you want to experiment with something a little different, then you can opt for a rectangular shape and this will still work just as fine. Now, using either your straight edge with rotary cutter plus cutting mat, or your trusty pair of scissors, begin cutting the leather.


2. For the next step, for creating that dimensional box shape of your leather catchall, take 1 or 2 inches off your leather by pinching up the corners like so, sewing them nice and shut with your embroidery thread and heavy duty sewing needle. Keep in mind that when you’re sewing the two edges together, overlap two long stitches on each side to create a cross stitch effect, tying off in the middle. Make sure the stitching is done right, it’s important that those ears stayed pinched and upright to hold that nice shape. Repeat this step on all corners.

3. A great pop of color is always a great idea! Breathe life into your catchall by giving it a nice, bright hue in a color you love. On this one, we’ve done a free-handed solid pattern in the corner, like so:





Let this ingenious little accent piece grace your desks, night stands, drawers, and even your coffee tables! extremely simple to do, it’s the perfect little thing for all those gadgets and knick knacks lying around. Plus, it won’t cost you a thing! This DIY is a sure fire way to keep all your things in check, while adding a nice pop of color to the room too. Good luck, and have fun!


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