The Best Tips For Creating A Rustic Bedroom

Nothing brings in warmth and comfort better than Rustic interiors! Rustic is all about wood and texture and warmth, and so this design and motif is perfect for the bedroom. Functionality and great design come together to bring you an experience full of incredibly inviting, warm and cozy instances. To achieve the rustic look for your own bedroom, we’ve rounded up the best tips in our little black book to help you get it.

1. Use A LOT of wood




The beauty of Rustic design is in its love for wood. Wood, in its most natural, raw form is the best way to integrate it into your room to achieve that earthy, warm look. Turning logs and chunks, and planks of wood and transforming them into ceilings, bed ladders, flooring, walls, and furniture is the best way to go about it.



Keep the wood in its natural state of beauty! You don’t need to slap on a coat of paint to spruce things up, because integrating it like this helps you achieve a truly rustic, woodsy feel, but with the addition of the warm and comfort of indoor living.



Another way you can introduce that rustic style within your room is through the addition of paneled walls. This kind of design inhibits a sense of comfort and relaxation, plus it’s easy on the eyes.


Natural Textiles




Soften the strong and masculine décor and lighten up the ambiance in the space by throwing in various types of fabric. From linen, to wool and burlap, the different types and textures are all wonderful choices to add to the mix of basic sheets. Woven textiles are also an excellent idea to have as options for flooring! It’s out of the box and 100% fun, you won’t mind walking barefoot in the comfort of your bedroom. There are a ton of ways to incorporate this detail into your rustic space.

Play with texture




Combining different textures allow you to experiment with contrast and create an entirely unique and intriguing space worthy of a centerfold.

Add a fireplace






But of course! What rustic paradise is complete without a fireplace! The fireplace is traditional, functional, and so incredibly aesthetically pleasing that anyone who’s anyone has wanted one since time immemorial. Make it feel like a vacation in Sweden or Christmas or the best, coziest night every night with the addition of a fireplace. It’ll give you the complete rustic feel, coupled by the magic only fireplaces can bring. Prepare for nights lounging about near the fire place toasting those gooey marshmallows!

Chunky furniture 




When it comes down to channeling a rustic bedroom, minimalist sleek furniture and clean lines is definitely out of the picture. It all comes down to chunky, robust wooden pieces in big, big chunks!





Lighting is also a very important factor. Keep in mind that rustic bedrooms require soft, warm lighting and not harsh, stark lighting. As far as lighting fixtures are concerned, chandeliers are pretty awesome.





If you’re going to do rustic, you better do it right. The color palette for a truly rustic feel and experience is everything from earth toned and wood colored, such as dark browns and deep reds and varying shades of tan and beige. Keep your colors earthy, muted, and neutral. Bold and bright don’t exactly register as rustic, but a hit of color here and there is perfect. For your reference, here are the links to photos 1, 2, 3, 4&5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15Good luck, and have fun!

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