DIY Summer Garden Decor Ideas

Adorn your little garden with bright colors and fresh elements of fluttering beauty this summer to make it look stunningly beautiful and attractive. You can make it look awesome and eye-catching by implementing some of these ideas and your garden will turn into something very attractive and everyone will want to own a garden one like yours.

twig butterfly windchime

source: diy-enthusiasts

Bottles in poles:
You can tie wine bottles to the poles and fill them with water pop in some fresh flowers and leaves so that they will look attractive and beautiful, you can also attach faux butterflies and artificial flowers to the poles stand so that they will look even more attractive.

bottles in poles

source: diy-enthusiasts

Colorful umbrella and flowers:
You can place the small flower plants from the planters into this colorful umbrella and they will look bright and stunning. Summer is all about colors and you an make use of any bright and catchy umbrella pattern for this purpose and place them anywhere in your garden to make it look attractive and beautiful.

colorful umbrella and flowers

source: diy-enthusiasts

Decoupage old bench:
if you have old bench at home, you can spray paint them in beautiful and simple plain colors and print floral designs to the bench with decoupage method. This is a fun activity to do and the end result will look artistic and beautiful, where you can also place some matching cushions on top of the bench.

decoupage bench

steps to decoupage bench

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Glass bottles in poles:
You can simply invert and insert the glass bottles into the metal poles and make them look like metal flowers that has bloomed in your garden and they will look very beautiful and unique. All you need is some wine bottles to decorate the garden pole.

glass bottles to poles

source: diy-enthusiasts

Old dresser:
Spray paint the old dresser and place it in your garden and you can place the garden utilities and tools on it and place some artificial flowers in a bunch in the drawers and they will look really pretty, or you can also make use of real flowers on special occasions to make it look attractive.

old dresser

source: diy-enthusiasts

Old tire planter:
Old tires can always be repurposed into something even more attractive and this is a planter idea where you can insert small planters in it and place it in your garden and they will look beautiful. Just spray paint the tire in pretty attractive colors.

old tire planters

source: diy-enthusiasts

Painted stones:
Bring these large sized ladybugs to your garden by painting the stones in red and black and they will look pretty as these bugs adorn the garden space. You can place them near the plants and they will look very attractive and bold. Even kids can be taught to do this during their summer as a summer craft.

painted stones

source: diy-enthusiasts

Rubber boots as flower pots:
Make use of kids rubber boots as flower pots and they will look colorful and attractive, and you can place them in neat rows in your garden.

rubber boots as flower pots

source: diy-enthusiasts

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