Indigo: The Beauty of Subtlety in Design

As the title suggests, this article will focus mainly on using indigo as part of an individual’s overall design scheme for the home. If you are an adventurous type of designer, you will certainly read on to find out more about how you can use indigo as your main color for future interior design projects.

Initially, here is a picture of simple bed sheets that have indigo lines and patterns as part of the design. You can definitely try this at home for yourself and see how beautiful indigo can go with a pure white color scheme for your bedroom.


Source: urbanoutfitters

If you would like to experiment with different patterns, indigo can be the perfect color to use as well. Because of the deepness of the color itself, it can certainly match any color scheme that you would have in mind for your bedroom. Here is an example.


Source: urbanoutfitters

You can also use indigo as the basic color for any wall decorations that you may have in the future. Just look at this wall rug on top of the bed. Isn’t it beautiful?


Source: mydomaine

If it is wall decorations that you are after, why don’t you use the aforementioned color in any of your art works to be framed and used as your wall decorations? It will certainly add a different sort of eye to your bedroom in the long run.



Source: abeautifulmess

These pillows definitely are complementary to the monochromatic artwork displayed above the bed. The indigo pillowcase enhances the beauty of the picture even more.


Source: blackbird

You can also use the color for different furnishing designs in the future. Just look at this chair. The indigo patterns definitely adds more pizzazz to the design.


Source: mixandchic

This small rocking chair can definitely add cuteness to your child’s bedroom or even yours for that matter. Why don’t you try it out?


Source: scion

The teal and blue wall definitely complements the indigo pattern couch in this picture. You should try using this design for your own couch in the future.


Source: anthropologie

You can also try using indigo patterns for your curtains as well. This will be a good covering for the windows because of the dark hue that it possesses. Why don’t you give it a shot for your own window in the future?


Source: etsy

Speaking of patterns, here is another curtain with a diamond pattern that can definitely add beauty to your living room. The indigo color definitely stands out against the white backdrop which is why you should try it out. It will be any accessory to your window designs for sure.


Source: etsy

If you want something different and unique in terms of design and overall appearance, using the color in the gulf for your furnishings can definitely give you exactly that and more. It would be best for you to give it a try as soon as possible because of the many combinations that you can do with the color scheme for inspiration.


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