Superb Drywall Shelving: The Most Space Saving Design For The Home

If you want to have something unique in terms of a storage area for your books or any other important documents, why don’t you try using a dry wall shelving unit? Using shelves and placing them on dry walls can definitely give you enough space to store more of your belongings in one area of the house. However the problem is that dry wall shelving can become monotonous in terms of design over time. This is why you have to experiment on design options for your drywall shelves. This article will show you some examples and how you can make them work for your own home in the future.

First of all, below is a contemporary drywall shelving design that you will definitely appreciate because of the lighting fixtures that were used where this particular part of the house. It is not too bright and not too dim either. Something that is just right.

drywall red carpet

Source: awarchitect

In addition to this, here is another modern drywall shelving design that you can use for your living room. You should definitely give it a shot because it is something flexible in terms of color scheme and design for sure. You can either paint it or keep it as is. Either way, it will definitely look good inside the home.

industrial drywall

Source: knightarchitect

You can also use drywall shelving as a storage unit for your kitchen. Here is a picture sample that you can take inspiration from along the way.

kitchen drywall

Source: lompier

Additionally, you can choose to have contemporary drywall designs by putting the drywall shelves in a modern day home office just like this one.

elegant drywall

Source: lompier

You can also put your entertainment center in the middle of the wall shelves as well. This will provide easy storage and retrieval options for you while watching TV.

drywall entertainment

Source: agmrenovations

Here is an all white color scheme for the living room that matches the color of the walls and shelves. However simple and easy to do this may be, please do not hesitate to experiment in terms of color scheme and design. You will not regret doing this for sure.

another drywall entertainment

Source: aji

Below is a colorful option that you can work with. If you want to capture the attention of your guests, this is the drywall shelf that you should be using as soon as possible.

orange drywall

Source: utopialifestyle

Here is a simple drywall design a minimalist entertainment corner in the house. You should definitely use this particular design theme in the future.

basic drywall

Source: afterdesign

This is a modern living room design with a dry wall shelf and elegant couches. You should definitely give it a shot if you want something new and different themes of your interior design plans.

brown leather drywall

Source: revisionarch

Lastly, here is a modern living room design with a white drywall shelf. It works because it is in direct contrast with the rest of the color scheme for the living room. As you can see, the designer opted to use darker tones for the rest of the living room. This makes the wall stand out for sure.

cozy drywall display

Source: charlieandcodesign

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