Urbanized Apartment Designs: Beauty and Structure in One

Are you planning to move to the city? Urban designs for your apartment can definitely help you become more at home in this endeavor. If you want to learn tips on how to adopt a much more urbanized design for your apartment, using containers in your home can be the right step towards this goal.

Here are some examples of urbanized designs using shipping containers at home. Hopefully, you will get some inspiration from these particular designs and use them effectively in the future.

First, let us first focus on the exterior part of your house. In this particular picture, you can see just how effective storage containers are in terms of creating the most colorful and artistic designs for your home. You should then only give it a try as soon as possible.


Source: partouche-architecte

As a second option, you can also use it within your home in the future. You can do this by using shipping containers as inspiration for the color scheme of your home. As you can see a bright orange and reds usually make up the color scheme for this particular home design.


Source: partouche-architecte

Here is a monochromatic modern kitchen design inspired by shipping containers. You can see how a structured this kitchen is. This structure design works effectively in giving this particular kitchen a more sophisticated feel.


Source: partouche-architecte

Additionally, here is an even more modern living room design that can definitely give you what you want in terms of structure and color. If you want the more masculine and urbanized design for your apartment or home in general, this is the best way for you to work it out.


Source: partouche-architecte

These staircases can then only give you an industrial look that goes well with a modern design for your apartment in this city. You should definitely give it a shot as soon as possible.


Source: partouche-architecte

In the next picture however, you can see just how well these urban shipping container designs for your home work in a more rural setting. It makes use of both modern and rustic design ideas effectively without making it seem like you are working with two separate designs. You should then only give it a shot as soon as you can.


Source: partouche-architecte

Here is a boldly structured container home that can definitely give your house character and a modern look for sure. If this is your target, you should definitely use this particular design in the days to come.


Source: partouche-architecte

Warm lighting fixtures and sliding doors can definitely work well with a structured home such as this one. This will give your home a cozy feeling despite being ultra modern and urbanized. You should definitely try it out as soon as possible.


Source: partouche-architecte

This particular bedroom design adopted the whole shipping container color scheme. If you want brightly colored bedrooms in the house, this is the best option for you.Bright-and-beautiful-bedroom-of-the-Old-Lady-House

Source: partouche-architecte

As a last option, you can choose this particular living room design overlooking the gardens. It is both elegant and modern which can definitely give you what you want in terms of design and structure in the long run.


Source: partouche-architecte

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