How to Make Mismatched Furniture Work for Your Home

Furnishing your home is no joke. It’s expensive and it requires a lot of good, hard thinking since you’ll be stuck with whatever you buy for a really long time. One of the things that make furnishing your home really expensive is having to buy furniture in sets. However, if you’re on a budget, one tip I can give you is to buy one piece of furniture at a time instead. Yes, you’ll have mismatched furniture and, at first, it will seem weird but I can assure you that with these tips, your mismatched furniture will work. rustic elegance mismatched furniture

boho industrial themed living room

  1. Find common ground among all your furniture – just because mismatched furniture are all the rage these days doesn’t mean you can just put together what you like or whatever you can come up with. You’ll want your space to look like a modern chic home, not an abandoned furniture warehouse. Your mismatched furniture will need to have something in common, like a theme, an era from where they came, a pattern, a print, or whatever else you’d like them to have as common ground. That way, they all still tie in well together. cerulean blue mismatched furniture mismatched bed side tables
  2. Choose your colors wisely – another trick to making mismatched furniture work is to choose your colors wisely when pairing them. Make sure they’re all in the same color family. They don’t have to be in the same exact shade. In fact, having mismatched furniture in different shades works really nicely. Otherwise, have them all in complementing colors. big living room mismatched furniture mismatched iron and wood furniture for bedroom
  3. Limit your color palette to three – yes, they don’t all have to be matching colors but if you are going to be using different colors for your mismatched furniture, limit the color selection to three: 2 complementary colors and a neutral one to anchor them to. White makes for a great neutral anchor color if you want a brighter and more well-lit home while darker hues like black, gray, and navy are good for when you want to achieve an edgier overall look in your home. mismatched furniture mismatched paint and furniture eclectic chic
  4. Keep it minimal – there’s beauty in madness is what they say but too much madness can drive you insane. If you’re doing mismatched furniture, keep it minimal. Pick one room to showcase your mismatched furniture in and keep it there. If you’re furnishing a big room, choose between mismatching big furniture or the small ones. Remember, you’re aiming for a sophisticated look, not a crazy one.yellow mismatched dining chairs mismatched lounging area chairs

Ready to sport mismatched furniture in your home? Take these tips to heart and let us know what happens by commenting below.


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