How to Spruce Up Your Minimalist Space

Minimalism is becoming more and more popular but a lot of people are still afraid to try it because they’re scared it might be too plain and too boring for their liking. However, a quick Pinterest search for “minimalist homes” will prove to you that being minimalist in your living space is far from being dull and boring, as long as you know how to spruce your place up with the right colors and the right decor. Here are our best tips on how to spruce up your minimalist space.


  1. Consider each item’s functionality – the key to having less clutter in your home while still having it fully decorated and furnished is to utilize items that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also strategically functional. A statement chair that you can use for lounging, an art deco inspired room humidifier and a gorgeous wax melting lamp that doubles as a centerpiece for your coffee table or night stand are just a few examples of items that are useful and pretty at the same time. functional and decorative items for minimalist bedroom
    functional minimalist office design functional minimalist entry way
  2. Ensure good lighting – when it comes to creating a beautifully decorated minimalist home, lighting is key. You’ll want to create a look that’s bright, clean, and welcoming and having the right amount of light is crucial in nailing that. You can get natural lighting from big windows or by opting for blinds instead of curtains. As for artificial lighting, there are tons that double as decorative pieces as well. All you need to do, really, is to take your pick. statement lighting for the kitchen light bright study space for minimalists well lit minimalist home with statement lighting fixture
  3. Texturize with textile – if you feel like your home is feeling a bit too bare and minimal, you can always play around with texture to give it a cozier and more inviting look. Fur rugs, crocheted blankets draped on the couch, an embroidered piece of wall art, and interesting throw pillow covers are just some of the best ways to add texture using textile in your home. added texture from double rugs textured duvet and pillows adding texture to minimalism
  4. Don’t be afraid of monochrome – a monochromatic color scheme for your home can work wonders if you want to achieve a look that’s simple and clean. Black and white is such a classic combo and it goes well with just about any theme for the home, be it Scandinavian, classic, modern, industrial, or whatever. monochromatic tonal green minimalist home monochromatic minimalist living space minimalist kitchen monochrome
  5. Liven up the room with plants – plants are great for bringing life into a seemingly dead and boring room. A bit of greenery here and there can do a lot of good for your minimalist home. And don’t worry about having to keep a real plant alive. There are tons of fake plants out there that looks just as good as the real ones. For more tips on how to liven up your space using plants, read this. simple bathroom with plants study area with plants plants for a minimalist home



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