Pebble Craft Ideas

Pebbles are smooth rounded stones that can used in your house for various crafts and they will look very stylish and is one of the cost effective ways to bring up the wow factor.

succulent garden

There are various crafts that you can easily make out of pebbles and they don’t require any craft skills as a pre requisite.

candle holder

Decorative tall vases:

Look at these tall vases that can be used during special occasions and at times of festive season to make it look pretty while you invite your guests home. Fill the tall vase with water and some pebbles at the bottom and you can afloat a candle on top of it along with a flower.

decorative vases

Footwear tray:

Make use of large old tray to reuse it into a footwear tray. You can simply take the tray out of the closet and fill it with lots of pebbles on top such that it makes a thick layer and then place it near the front door. Footwear tray is ready for use!

footwear tray

Glow in dark pebbles:

This is one of the coolest ideas where you can dip the pebbles with glow in dark paint and later place them along the pathway of your garden, and look how beautifully they will glow in dark and make the garden look ravishing.

glow in dark pebbles

Makeup brush holder:

Make use of a old glass and fill it with glass pebbles and you can then use it to store the make up brushes. Adding a lace, ribbon or stones on the out layer of the glass to make it look pretty can further enhance the glass.

makeup brush holder

Kitchen backsplash idea:

This is a very innovative idea to make the kitchen backsplash look pretty good. You can attach the pebbles to the walls with cement and then later paint it with any color of your choice of just leave it natural to create a rustic look.

pebble backsplash

Pebble tablemat:

Take a transparent sheet and apply glue on top of the sheet and neatly arrange the pebbles on top of the sheet to make it look beautiful and this tablemat will also serve as a heat resistant mat to protect the top layer of the wooden tables.

pebble table mat

DIY flower vase:

Make a simple diy flowervase with the help of Pringles can, and you can also gift it to your friends. This is very easy and quick to make, as you just need to apply some glue on top of the can and then attach some pebbles to it .

pebble vase

Garden chime with pebbles:

Tie the pebble in a row with a string and attach them to the twig, and at last a beautiful garden chime is ready for the backyard!

sea pebble wind chime


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